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Why You Should Get an Updated Home Insurance Quote If You are Refinancing Your Mortgage

Why You Should Get an Updated Home Insurance Quote If You are Refinancing Your Mortgage

Deciding to refinance your home mortgage can be a big decision. There can be a lot of different reasons you are doing so but one thing that remains constant is that you should get an updated home insurance quote. Your home insurance needs change over time and the coverage you had when you initially purchased the home could have changed. 

Maybe you are refinancing so that you can add that new addition. That new addition won’t be included in your home insurance valuation if you don’t notify your agent. This could lead to your home being under-insured for it’s value and this could lead to an issue with future claims. 

Many Mortgage Brokers partner directly with Insurance Agents to provide quotes during home buying and refinancing but do they know you and your situation? Will they include coverage that you need and feel is important? One of the most important things our agency prides itself on is our personal touch. We are a family owned agency that has been serving our clients for over 50 years! 

Another reason to talk to your agent while getting quotes is that there is so much more to insure besides just the value of the home. What about your belongings? Do you work from home and have business property to cover? Your jewelry? Recreational vehicles? The mortgage broker typically can’t provide that information but that is where we come in with our personalized approach. 

Here at GSP Insurance we also work with mortgage brokers but we go beyond just offering a base coverage quote because anyone can do that. We make sure you are aware of your coverages and what is available to you. We know the value of partnering with other companies and separate ourselves from the pack by our level of knowledge and attention to detail in making sure your biggest purchase is insured correctly!

If you are refinancing or buying a new home, give us a call and we would love to review your situation and help you find the coverage that fits your needs and your budget! 

Give us a call at 614-878-0240 or email us at


Also, if you are a mortgage broker looking to partner with an agency that makes getting your clients insured for their refinance or new home purchase, we can help! Give our Sales Executive – TJ Gilles or Owner – Kim Gilles a call to talk about how partnering with Gilles Smith Purdum can make your life easier!

You can reach TJ or Kim at 614-878-0240 or email and for more info or to set a time to talk.


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