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How Gilles Smith Purdum Insurance can help with Subcontractors

How Gilles Smith Purdum Insurance can help with Subcontractors 


Does your company use subcontractors? Are you tired of trying to keep track of their certificates? Are you confident that their coverage is what you require?


We can help with all of these. We write your insurance why not your subcontractors? If we know what coverages you need, we can easily make sure your subs would meet those requirements. Not only that we can keep their certificates on file for you and attach them directly to your profile for when they are needed.


We can also hold certificates from Subs that don’t go through our agency for you at no extra cost. If an audit comes around at renewal, we can then provide them directly to you. This can save you time and help streamline your process. You can even have your subs send the Certificate right to us and we will make you a copy and keep one on file.

Businesses that qualify for our online portal will even have access to all certificates and policy documents themselves. They can request certificates, update certificate holders, and more! This can be an incredibly useful tool and we are excited to now be using it!


Gilles Smith Purdum is here to make your life easier and this is just a couple of the ways we can help! If we already insure your business and you would like us to help, just ask!

 If you are currently not a member of the GSP family but would like to see if Gilles Smith Purdum can help your business give TJ a call at 614-878-0240 or email him at and he will set up a time to review your current needs and how we may be able to help!

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