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Give the Gift That Can Last a Lifetime

What is the gift that can last a lifetime?  Protection for your loved ones with life insurance.

Everyone needs it.  Whether its to pay final expenses and burial after retirement or to protect your family from financial ruin should you pass away during your working life.  No one likes to think about it but I’m sure the last thing you would want to do is leave your family with debt and no supporting income to pay it.  Not too mention, if you have children that need to be put through school.  There are so many plans available, the key is to have something.

Many parents overlook the need for children to have some life insurance. It’s a great gift for grandparents to give as well! Do you know that you can protect your child’s future insurability for around $80 a year?     Let us help you protect your loved ones, give us a call at 614-878-0240 or email us with questions at

The best gift this holiday season, is peace of mind!

Happy Holidays!

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