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Time for a Back-To-School Insurance Review

Parents: Time for a Back-to-School Insurance Review

It’s back-to-school time for Delaware and surrounding schools, and while you’re probably thinking more about homework than home insurance, the new school year is a great time to review your insurance needs. A child’s new grade level, driver’s license, or move to a college dorm could mean new insurance needs for your family. Keep your children safe in the new school year— review your car, home, life and health insurance coverage this fall.

Car Insurance

Will your teen be getting her driver’s license this year? Teen drivers can be costly to insure, but there are ways you can save on teen car insurance. See if your car insurance provider offers a good student discount. Your teen will usually have to maintain a grade-point average of B or better to get the discount, so make her hit the books. Many car insurance providers also have driver safety discounts. If your teen takes a safety course she may qualify for reduced car insurance rates, so check with your provider. Your current provider may not have the best teen car insurance rates so save money and compare car insurance quotes.  As an independent agent, we have several companies to choose from.  One of our companies, MAPFRE/American Commerce offers a substantial discount if they take a teenSmart on-line course.

Home Insurance

If your teen is heading away to college,  she is most likely bringing quite a bit of stuff with her—laptop, stereo, TV, bike, other electronics, etc. If your child will be staying in the college dorms her belongings are most likely covered by your home insurance policy. Although, you may want to look at scheduling the computer and other electronics.  This way the are covered for special perils and many times with a lower deductible if there even is one.   There are usually limits on how much personal property is covered away from the home, so talk to your home insurance provider about  what and how much is covered by your homeowners insurance policy. The cost of insuring your college-bound child’s possessions could be too expensive with your current provider, so make sure you call us and compare home insurance rates to save money.

Life Insurance

One of the most important coverage’s you can have for your family.  

Life insurance proceeds can provide both financial security for your loved ones and peace of mind for yourself. It can help you rest easy, knowing that you have helped to financially protect those you care about.

Life insurance can help:

  • Pay the mortgage
  • Maintain your family’s current standard of living
  • Fund the kids’ college education
  • Pay for final expenses

We offer many types of policies, term, whole life, universal life and final expense.  We can find something to fit every budget.  But now is the time to act.  Call us to schedule your protection review.

Health Insurance 

As children head back into classrooms, so will their germs.  Colds,flu, ear infections—kids catch all sorts of things once the school year starts. The best thing for parents to do is keep their kids as healthy as possible, and make sure they are covered with a good health insurance policy. Health insurance can be affordable for you and your kids. You could raise your deductible to save on monthly premiums, or consider adding your children to your employer-sponsored health care. If you would need coverage, we have a great broker we work with that would be able to help you out.  He can quote most companies to come up with an affordable plan for you.

If you have a college-bound child, you have a couple of health insurance options. Older children are usually allowed to stay on parents’ health insurance policies if they are full-time students, but check with your provider to make sure. There is also the option of college health insurance. Many colleges and universities have their own on-campus health care, and it may be more affordable for your child to take advantage of campus health care.

Back-to-school is more than a jump back into learning, it is the perfect time to review your car, home, life and health insurance needs. Take the time now to give yourself peace of mind later!  You can reach me at 740-990-7107, just ask for Kim Gilles

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