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Life Insurance Awareness Month

It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month

We live for life’s wondrous moments whether it’s a baby’s first step, graduation or retirement. Life insurance helps to ensure the life you’ve built for your loved ones won’t come to a halt if something were to happen to you.

It’s never too early or too late to consider all the things life insurance can do for you and your family.

1. Buys time — Loved ones can focus on their grief instead of worrying about how to pay for the funeral and other final expenses.

2. Provides a fresh start — By helping to pay off credit card bills, outstanding loans and even the mortgage, life insurance starts your family members off with a clean slate.

3. Generates income — Surviving family members can continue to pay for life’s necessities for years to come.

4. Offers flexibility — Family members may take time off from work or transition to a more adaptable work schedule.

5. Creates opportunities — Funds may be used to start a business or pay for schooling to train for a new career.

6. Funds the future — Longer-range goals, college education for the children or a comfortable retirement for a surviving spouse may be obtained with insurance proceeds.

7. Helps leave a legacy — Parents have the chance to leave future generations a legacy of long-term financial security.

We offer several different products to help make sure that your family is taken care of should something happen.  If this is something that you would like to discuss further, we want to help.  Please give us a call and let us help find the right solution for you and your family.  It might even save you a little on your auto or home insurance as some of our companies offer a discount when you have a life policy with them.

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