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Is Your Property Damage Liability Limit Enough?

Property Damage Liability

Here are some questions to ponder about your auto insurance.

Do you know what your property damage liability limit is on your auto insurance?  Do you know what that coverage is for? Do you have enough?  

The state requires you to carry liability insurance.  Bodily Injury of $25,000 each person, $50,000 each accident and Property Damage of $25,000.  This may seem basic but not everyone understands (or cares) about their auto insurance coverage they just know they have to carry it. Bodily Injury covers the person you injure if you are involved in an accident, whether they are in or out of their car, if your at fault, your insurance pays.  If you are backing out of your drive way and run someone over you are responsible for their injuries.  The question is, is $25,000 enough to cover all medical costs?  Not to mention should they be crippled or lose a limb?  

Property damage on the other hand is when we damage other auto’s, fences, guard rails, bridges, houses, garages, etc.  You get the picture.  We hear about these multi car accidents, or that someone lost control and hit a home, could you imagine the amount of damage that can cause?  I had a gentleman that was hit by someone who lost control on the freeway, not only did she hit him, but she hit three other cars.  She had state minimum limits and guess what? She only had $25,000 in coverage which means that there wasn’t enough to cover all the damage.  You may be thinking, then what happens if they can’t fix my car, well if you have collision on your policy or uninsured motorist property damage, you are safe.  Your insurance would pay and then they would try to collect from the person that caused the damage.  Her limits weren’t high enough they can go after her pay, etc.  We all know how much cars are now days, the most basic of cars are $20-30,000 and if you hit more than one, ouch!  

Accidents happen, the key is to have the right coverage in the right amount.  If you haven’t reviewed your coverage lately and gotten updated auto quotes, now might be a good time.  With the winter weather, we are seeing more accidents and more property damage.  We at Gilles Insurance Agency will help you find the right coverage at affordable premiums.  You would be surprised at how little it costs to increase your coverage.  Call Gilles Insurance Agency today, 740-990-7107 and let us help you find the right coverage.

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